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Experience the authentic Tulum with excursions and local adventures! Snorkeling, transportation & +

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Are you getting ready to travel to Tulum? Make sure to start your trip off on the right foot by booking reliable transportation from the Cancun airport with a local professional company like US.

Once you arrive, you'll be spoilt for choice with the wide range of day and night activities Tulum has to offer. Take a yoga class by the beach with the chant of the sea or in the mysterious Tulum jungle. Paddleboard in a Lagoon in Tulum, in a cenote, or in the sea. Take a reiki session or an acupuncture therapy with experienced locals, or enjoy the health circuit at amazing spas such as Yaan Wellness Spa by Be Tulum, where you can enjoy a steam bath, sauna in Tulum, hydro massage, and more surprises.

Exploring the Sian Kaan biosphere is a must and you shouldn't miss it if you would like to fully experience a millenary immersive walkthrough through the sacred natural reserve. Also, checking out Azulik and Azulik Uh May is essential if you would like to have a preview of the world's most innovative architecture.

Supporting local artists and entrepreneurs will definitely make your trip more special, and you will really feel Tulum's essence.

Enjoy the wide range of offering of Tulum nightlife options, and seasonal festivals, such as the very first issue of the Tomorrowland Tulum edition this January 14th, 2023. Stay tuned to our Instagram @tulumyst to be up to date with upcoming events.

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