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Health and balance tulum therapists

Local Masseurs and theraphists in tulum

Need a massage in Tulum?Local Masseurs and theraphists in la Riviera Maya

Experience the rejuvenating magic of Tulum with our skilled masseuses! With over 20 years of expertise, our local therapists offer Swedish massage, clay massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, and acupuncture. Book now for an Airbnb session and embark on a transformative wellness journey! #TulumHealing #LocalMasseuses #HealingExperiences

Meet the team

20 + Years of Experience | Tulum Local therapists


H E A L T H  &  B A L A N C E


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Holistic Massage

Mayan masssage
90 mins

Combination of different relaxation techniques and therapies,  well known in this area of mexico as ''Mayan Massage''. Starts with the cirrus and the abdominal organs and continues to the rest of the body combining swedish massage, lymphatic massage and finally alligns the body chakras using an ancient reiki technique

Image by Ayurmana Ayurveda massages in tulum clay


Mayan clay massage

This is a combination of the swedish massage with an application of natural clay found within the mayan region. Recieve the benefits of this massage and enjoy the healing effect of the clay. Rich and minerals, deeply  nurturing and purifyng your skin, triggering the  naturak reparation mechanism helping bites & sun burns



-Aids in scarring process

Pressure Point Massage

Classic Swedish

60 & 90 mins

This swedish massage is therapeutic with beneficial effects that involve all the body's systems and muscular tissues.

The massage acts throughout the body and in zones of tension, helping stimulate blood circulation, oxygen transport & eliminating toxins at the same time

Reiki Treatment


Time:Defined by 
the client and healer

Reiki is a japanese made up of the words Rei & Ki meaning spiritually guided vital energy, commonly known as spiritually guided vital energy, commonly known as universal vital energy thats whithin and around all of us.

Reiki helps armmonize the body, mind & Spirit

Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology Massage

60 mins

The reflexology massage is based on a system of zones in the body and internal organs reflected directly on the feet, and while applyng pressure to specific areas it massages the organs in their exact anatomical location.

this type of massage reestablishes the organism's functions through the reflex effect

Massage in tulum

Lymphatic drainage

60 mins

The lymphatic drainage massage is a special technique that is performed with pumping movements based on smooth and rhythmic pressure whose objective is to stimulate organs and the lymphatic system.

Works by moving intracellular liquids containig toxic waste matter acumulated in the organism

Tulum massage healers pricing

Acupuncture in Tulum

Body, Mind & Soul.

Cleansing, Relaxation & Well Being

Traditional indigenous ceremonies, Herbal & essential oil therapies , REIKI and much more in

Tulum, Mexico.

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