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Best ways to get to #Tulum Beach from Cancun Airport!

Updated: May 21

The best ways to get to Tulum  Beach from Cancun Airport:

It all comes down to your budget! So let's get started.

If you're looking for the most budget or cost-effective option, the ADO bus service is the way to go. They are the national bus service providers of the area.

These buses are actually quite comfortable and clean; they're air-conditioned and have a bathroom on board, and there's no baggage fee.

You will find an ADO terminal right at Cancun airport, so you can easily purchase a ticket after getting through customs or even beforehand through the ADO app on your phone.

The price ranges between $15 and $20 USD per person and there are usually one or two buses every hour.

If you prefer taking a cab, it’ll cost a bit more, but you’ll get to run on your own schedule.

Cabs are also available on the spot at an estimated $170 USD (one way).

Our recommendation! #Tulumyst Style

If you opt to hire a cab from the airport, it is hard to know what you will be charged since prices vary depending on many factors. We offer flat-rate transportation from the airport to your Tulum hotel or Airbnb!

- We are professional, punctual, Reliable & stress-free.

We will track your flight status to be always on time.

Book a trip with us and forget the hassle of booking 2 separate trips.

- Available for large groups and families!

1-3 PAX $115 one way | $220 round trip

4-7 PAX $140 one way | $260 round trip

8-9 PAX $160 one way | $300 round trip

10-17PAX $200 one way | $380 round trip

Tulumyst! Your reliable, professional, and punctual transportation service in Tulum, México.

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How to get from cancun airport to Tulum? By Locals With Love!

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