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Caribbean vacation home? bussines opportunity, Retirement home!

Tulum growing economy, foreign investment, geography and many other tangible factors makes it the right place to invest right now! The real estate market just aim to continue spiking along with the increasing flow of International visitors each year. Foreign investment never been so high.

Sustainable development and the most beautiful ecosystem in the south of the country. back up your inversion with the tangible  Natural wonders that surround Tulum.

-7 mins from tulum 
-1.4mts from federal road
-10 mins from tulum Ruins 
-Private ECO-Concious development 

-Fransico Uh may town 
-Close to Azulik Uh may
-Access road 
-1,848 m2 lots

100M  X  100M

lots for sale

starting at $27k usd

7 minutes from downtown​


Surrounded by nothing but nature, peace & harmony. 

100M  X  24m

Tulum yoga sessions

INvest in the mExican caribbean.

28.263 Habitants municipality with a growing flow of tourism every year!

Make your investment wise, make your investment TULUM. 

Fransico UH MAY

1,848 m 2  -  $25usd per square meter

buy land in tulum 8 km from the beach
buy land in tulum, investment land 8 km from
UH may
Tulum beach nanyan ruins

#1 trendy beach in Mexico , your investment opportunity 

Tourists drawn to Tulum are unique in many ways. They are sophisticated individuals with an eco-conscious mind. Tulum responds well to this market thanks to its many activities such as yoga, temazcal rituals, super food restaurants, organic stores and unique culinary experiences. With top-rated restaurants such as The New York Time’s acclaimed Hartwood and Noma, Tulum is quickly becoming an eco-luxury destination for those looking for a laidback, yet glamourous, experience

Tulum beach views

Tulum's sofisticated development  is unique in the WORLD.

 it comes as no surprise that more and more investors are turning their eye towards Tulum. And you should, too! The destination has plenty of options on offer for anyone looking for a return on their investment. In fact, areas such as Luum Zama have high-quality projects where you can rent out your unit for up to $600 USD per night during the high season. Start checking out Tulum for your next investment opportunity.

Festivals and workshops in tulum

International art venues and more in Tulum's scene

In real estate, it’s all about timing. Tulum is receiving more attention than ever from different international media outlets such as Forbes Magazine and The New York Times. It has also become a popular destination for celebrities and influencers who are constantly sharing the destination on their social media platforms.

Tulum's architecture

There is no place like Tulum, period.

There is a great diversity of residents in Tulum both Mexicans and foreigners from different countries, especially from Europe, South America and USA. All of them have influenced and enriched the environment with touches of their own cultures resulting in an eclectic and glamorous combination, and at the same time particularly and authentic, very attractive for all its visitors.

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