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Beware of Tulum's Common Scams: Taxi scams, exchange rate and more

Updated: Jul 8

Tulum is a magical place, but like any tourist destination, there are a few scams to be aware of. Here are some common ones to watch out for:

Avoid these scams in Tulum
Avoid these popular scams in Tulum

Tulum Taxi scam: Our take!

Always agree on a fare before you get in. Don't let the taxi driver take you on a wild ride and then charge you an exorbitant amount.

Demand to see the official rate. The official taxi rate in Tulum is posted on the back of every taxi. If the taxi driver tries to charge you more, politely refuse and get out.

Be aware of hidden fees. Some taxi drivers may try to add on extra charges for things like traffic or nighttime fees. These charges are not official and you are not obligated to pay them.

Carry pesos. When you pay in pesos, you will get a more fair exchange rate than if you pay in dollars.

Book a private transfer in advance. This will save you the hassle of dealing with taxi scams and you will have a more reliable and comfortable ride.

Use a reputable transportation company. Many reputable transportation companies in Tulum offer private transfers. We recommend booking with us at or Sun Transfers.

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By booking a private transfer in advance, you can save yourself a headache and avoid the common transportation scams in Tulum. You will also get a more reliable and comfortable ride, and you will not have to worry about dealing with hidden concierge fees or extra taxes.

Other common scams: Avoid these scams in Tulum Tulum gas station scam : Always check the meter before pumping: Before inserting your nozzle, make sure the meter reads zero. If it doesn't, politely ask the attendant to reset it.

Overpriced tours: Do your research and book tours with reputable companies. Be wary of street vendors offering tours at significantly lower prices, as they may be low-quality or even scams.

Restaurant scams: Some restaurants may add hidden charges to your bill or try to shortchange you. Be sure to check your bill carefully before paying.

By being aware of these common scams, you can help avoid them and have a safe and enjoyable experience in Tulum.

Additional tips:

Carry small bills with you. This will make it easier to pay for things and avoid getting stuck with large bills as parlors will decline them for the risk of them being fake.

Be respectful of the local culture.

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